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Complete Warehouse Storage Systems

Warehouses are the operational backbone of your business. Regardless of which industry you operate in, the Storage Works range of warehouse storage solutions are developed to match your needs, space and complexity.

We ensure confidentiality, by securely storing and managing freight using top-tier technology. We provide quality assurance services to maintain your warehouse at its best.


We provide all-around services to ensure the storage solutions are installed correctly. We offer regular checks to keep the storage in optimal condition.

Design Criteria for Warehouse Shelving

Selecting the right type of shelving system for your warehouse is an important process with several key considerations to keep in mind. If it is not intentionally planned, it could negatively affect productivity and lead to inefficient use of valuable real estate.

Our Solutions

Warehouses are the operational backbone of your business. Regardless of which industry you operate in, the Storage Works range of warehouse storage solutions is developed to match your needs, space and complexity. We ensure confidentiality by securely storing and managing freight using top-tier technology. We can provide analytics tracking software along with our state-of-the-art storage solutions.

Selective Pallet Racking

Most Common Pallet Racking System in use today. 100% access to any pallet in your system at any time. Designed as Single or Back to Back rows of racks with an aisle for forklift operation. Takes maximum floor space in a warehouse so used as a benchmark for comparing other systems to understand the increase in storage capacities can go up to a height of 15 Meters depending on customers needs & available ceiling height...

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VNA-Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Racking in a tighter configuration providing maximum space utilization within a storage facility. The VNA machine operates in aisles which are narrow, so instead of machine turning in the aisle, only the forks turn 180 degrees to pick up & drop pallets. This machine operates with either wire guided or rail guided set course within aisles. Takes very less space as compared to normal pallet racking.The powerful drive concept of Linde. A VNA truck provides high handling or RFID transmitter-marked unevenness, obstacles in the shelving or on the ceiling, the functions and advantages of the Linde Material Handling A very narrow aisle autonomously functioning electric forklift truck moves pallets in high shelving ..

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Double Deep Pallet Racking

is Designed to increase storage capacity. 2 Pallets Deep in a Single entry rack & 4 Pallets Deep in a Double-entry rack. Special reach truck with extending forks needed to pick or load pallets in the back row of racks.We Are A Trusted Racking Supplier in Doha Qatar. With our wide range of storage racking solutions for you, you can organize your warehouse and retail stockrooms in a safe and secure manner. Creative Display can deliver pallet racks that completely meet your requirements for hassle-free material handling...

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Shuttle Racking System

Also known as Drive-In automation. It is Semi-Automatic warehouse rack system. Can apply FIFO & FILO storage principle on all loading platforms. Deep Tunnel loading with the help of a Radio shuttle. Forklift places pallet at the first loading position & then shuttle takes the pallet deep inside to the first available empty space Un-loading pallet from the tunnel, shuttle picks up the pallet & brings it to the first loading position for the forklift to pick it up. Maximum storage capacity achieved without any expensive material handling equipment, where a normal forklift is used...

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Cantilever Racking System

We offer you light duty cantilever racks in Doha Qatar which are perfectly manufactured according to your storage needs. It is available in a verity of sizes...

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Bolt Free Shelving

Bolt Free Shelving Provides excellent manual storage solution for light weight, medium sized loads. Clean construction without any nut & bolts, instead rivets used. Easy & quick to assemble, excellent finish so can be used where customers can see. Very versatile with accessories like cladding, partitions, drawers, cloth hangers etc.Know more about warehouse Setup...

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Slotted Angle Shelving

Slotted Angle Shelving is Most economical light-duty storage with Angles & Shelves fixed with Nut & Bolt. Very easy to assemble with minimum handheld tools. Height of each shelf easily adjusted so very versatile. Readily available in 900 mm. X 600/450/300 mm. sizes with a capacity of 100 Kg.Per shelf level. Can be used at spare parts stores, file & record stores, offices, stock rooms, kitchen stores...

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Drive In and Drive through Racks | Best Racking solution in Doha Qatar

Drive-In and Drive through Racks-Forklift drives directly into the lane of stacked rows (bays). Drive-In has only one opening so mainly used for LIFO (Last In First Out) operation. Drive-through has two openings so used for FIFO (First In First Out) operation where loading is done from one side & unloading is done from the other side. Advantageous for material with an expiration date or shelf life is of concern...

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Gravity Flow Racking / Live Pallet Racking

High-density pallet storage systems that utilize depth to increase capacity. Slightly inclined rails fitted with heavy-duty rollers help pallets to roll down to the first UN-loading position by the help of gravity. FIFO principle helps in storing highly perishable material with strict expiry date compliance. Loading & UN-loading from different ends with no intermittent aisles. Up to 20 Pallets deep can be stored on one level, very dense storage. All operations carried out by normal forklifts...

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Medium Duty / Long Span Shelving

Medium Duty / Long Span Shelving Multipurpose, fully adjustable shelving system. Maximizes space both vertically & horizontally. Easy to assemble, stream lined in appearance, uses G.I.Panels / Wire Mesh Decks / Plywood as decking material. Suitable for everything from spare parts to cartons with maximum 1000 kg. UDL weight capacity per pair of beams through Medium Duty shelving.Long Span Shelving System in Duoha Storage Solutions In Doha Qatar..

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Rack Supported Mezzanine /I-Beam Platform

Rack Supported Mezzanine /I-Beam Platform Can be designed as ground + 1/2/3 levels. Increase capacity by double or triple the floor area by storing & accessing material at multiple levels. Heavy Duty/Medium Duty/Bolt Free/Slotted Angle, any kind can be used to build multiple levels of storage. For heavy material storage I-Beam platforms can be used. Staircases, safety hand rails, loading gates provided as per the area & storage needs...

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Medium Duty Racking

Medium Duty Racking System is a modular frame & beam shelving system catering to large & bulk items. An intermediate between light & heavy-duty application...

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Rack Mezzanine Floors Services

Rack Mezzanine Floors Services in Doha Qatar- Easily expandable & relocatable, Multilevel storage option for small spaces, Multi tier design allows parallel item picking that makes the process faster, Increased storage efficiency ..

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Carpet Storage Rack Services

Our Best Quality Carpet Storage Racks are designed to hold heavy cylindrical shaped items. carpet roll rack also provides protection for the rolls of carpet...

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Chrome Shelving Services

We offer a wide and diverse collection of chrome shelving in Doha Qatar including customizable sizes and styles for extra space and convenience...

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Stainless Steel Shelving Services

Stainless Steel Shelving racks are perfect for cold storage environment and places with humidity. Plus, you can customize the shelves as per your requirements...

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Supermarket Shelving

Whether you have a light-duty material storage need, heavy-duty storage or sample stands, we are one of the most trusted supermarket shelving suppliers in Doha Qatar...

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Design Criteria for Warehouse Shelving

Warehouses have always been an important part of any product-based business and some service-based businesses. Since ancient times, warehouses have been very useful when it comes to satisfying the volatile supply and demand forces in the market. Warehouses have helped to survive the fluctuating prices of the market effectively, thereby helping the company when it comes to risk management. Occasional sales like Eid sale, Black Friday sale, etc are also carried out successfully with the help of warehouses. The reason is that products are securely stored and organised in one place because of which it gets easier to manage inventory and fulfil orders quickly. Quick fulfilment of orders is very important when it comes to successfully handling intense sales.

A Warehouse also helps us keep a precise account of the stored goods and services of the company. Thats a major reason why multinational companies are able to make cost-effective purchases for raw material for manufacturing or finished goods for reselling, which ultimately helps them to make wiser decision and achieve their sales goals on time.

Warehouses have always played an active role when it comes to the protection of goods and raw material. Large companies manage to save up on losses caused due to damage caused to stock by fire, etc or losses caused due to theft, all thanks to warehouses. Some warehouses also act as a refrigerator for certain products that require cooling for preservation such as food items, vegetables, fish, etc.

The importance of warehouses calls for a detailed solution that is more organised and makes inventory management smoother. There are several factors that we consider before starting with a warehouse project:

  • Costing: Lowest prices do not always equate to the best value. Savings could soon be lost if the racking cant be adapted to carry a set of pallets of a non-standard size. Hence, it is important to plan for variances based on the needs and facilities of your warehouse.
  • Spatial Configuration An in-depth analysis of your warehouse layout will result in improving the functionality, and enhancing work-flow processes. Our team will maximize the vertical dimensions of your warehouse and optimally utilize available floor place.
  • Accessibility Our team will assess particular details such as the frequency of stock turnaround, as this will affect whether racking should be quickly access, while less frequently moving stock can be stored at the back. By considering such factors, we will be able to help improve workflow.
  • Safety Safety is of paramount importance for warehouse shelving. We can conduct annual pallet racking inspections to ensure stability. We guarantee all our solutions are manufactured based on high standards and installed carefully in accordance with stringent guidelines.
  • Durability The durability of the warehouse shelving system is important to consider for a busy warehouse environment, or in conditions with extreme weather. Our team will conduct durability tests and account for components that can be quickly delivered, so as to not disrupt operations.

Warehouse development must be done by those who have deep and up to date knowledge about how all the sections of a warehouse come together to improve inventory management considerably. At Storage works, we believe in providing high-quality solutions, a reason why our solutions are thoroughly conceptualized and tested before being installed. We believe that we must provide solutions with honesty, integrity and 100% customer satisfaction, a reason why today we stand as the most preferred solutions provider for warehouse racking in the Qatar and warehouse shelving in Doha. Get in touch with us so that we can talk about your requirements in detail after which we will design and develop the most efficient warehouse for your business.

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